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Current Music:factory
Current Location:work
Time:04:22 pm
Current Mood:workingworking
I have been at work since 8am. I will be here until 7pm.

It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't doing a project for Walmart. But I am. So if you're ever in a Walmart and there are blue & grey cabinets either by the cash or containing electronics... you have me to thank.

I am also working on an Indigo store in Halifax and some estimates for 1-800-Flowers (it's not just a phone number anymore!) and Stud Woodworking. Which is a hilarious name for a company. I should like to possess it one day.
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Time:06:19 pm
Post here and I will attempt to:

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Challenge you to try something.
3. Pick a colour that I associate with you.
4. Tell you something I like about you.
5. Tell you my first/clearest memory about you.
6. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. Ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. Post this on your journal. Rinse. Repeat.

I think I'll have a lot of trouble doing #8, I don't have access to anyone else's journal. So I'm trusting you guys on that one.
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Current Music:Dirty Cop Choir in my head
Current Location:T-dizzle
Subject:More DCC show pics!
Time:07:05 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Yeah, we played a show on July 21! That's only like, 12 days ago. So it's about time they got posted on the interwebs.

Claire took all of these, as far as I know. Thanks Claire! And thanks to everyone who came out.

Aloke started the show off amazingly:

"Yeah, a long black cloud is comin' down":

"But you forgot to kiss me on the way":
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Time:07:52 pm
Taken from everyone:

I was this old for the first time I...

Fell in love: In ye olde relationship sense, 17 I guess. In the real, spend-the-rest-of-your-life-with-someone sense, who knows? Maybe when I was 6, maybe not yet.
Lost your virginity: 17
Lost someone close to you: 12? 13? Grade 8, anyways.
Drank alcohol: 8 days, man
Smoked weed: 14 or 15. Again, I remember when, but don't want to work out how old I was.
Got kissed: 11
Got your heart broken: 18
Got arrested: Never
Smoked a cigarette: 16
Broken a bone: I break my bone-breaking bone all the time... as in, not yet.
Got cheated on: Define "cheat". 17 or never... or maybe I'm just blissfully ignorant.
Rode the city bus: With adult supervision? Too young to remember. Without? Maybe 9 or 10.
Went to a concert: 13. Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell
Met someone famous: When I was 18 I had dinner with the touring keyboard player for Blue Rodeo. I'll take that.
Dyed your hair: 17
Got your first cell phone: Nope.
Got a Myspace: 19? I can't remember.
Snuck out of the house: Snuck out? Never. Snuck back in, though, probably 15.
Got your own digital camera: Nothin' yet.
First time you got drunk: 15... I think.
Read Harry Potter: Haven't done it.
Traveled across the ocean: I travelled over an ocean when I was like 10, but we stayed on the same side of it. So 15.
Wore a toga: A real toga? Never. A bedsheet? Probably some time in high school.
Traveled out of province: Don't remember. Young.
Shopped at Abercrombie: Never
Went to Disney World: Again, don't remember. Young.
Went on a date: 16
Saw a Broadway play: Well, I've never been to New York. And Broadway Ave. doesn't really have any theaters on it, except the theater of highschool kids.
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Subject:Dirty Cop Choir show photos!
Time:05:47 pm
To all who were at the show, you rock. Here are photos of the rocking you saw.
To all who were not at the show, boo. Here are photos of the rocking you missed.

Not interested in pictures? Well, save your time and just watch the videos!

First off, some photos my folks took during the soundcheck:


Now, photos of the actual rockin' proper:


And, as proof that my folks were actually there:


ADDENDUM: Some of the pictures Jodie took. Jodie definitely rocks.


The rest of the pictures that Jodie took can be seen on her MSN Myspace dealie: http://drunkensuperjodie.spaces.msn.com/
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Current Music:Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - I Woke Up Dreaming
Time:09:58 pm
Current Mood:satisfiedsatisfied
Went to Bluestreak today. Decided to blow some serious cizzash. Mostly because...

They had fookin' NO NEW YORK. How long have I been looking for that record? Too long. But no more.

Auch habe ich gekauft:

1. New Order - Movement. Their first LP as New Order, after Ian Curtis offed himself. You can definitely tell they had no idea what to do without him.
2. Joy Division - Still. Unreleased tracks and the last show they did before said Ian Curtis self-offing.
3. Dennis Lee - Aliggator Pie and other Poems. Need I say more?

Two exams tomorrow, then I'm done.. 90% on my CUST paper.
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Time:04:16 am
Current Mood:awakeon livejournal at 4am
I'm just that cool.
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Current Music:Endless parade of people ignoring the "quiet" signs.
Time:05:24 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Done, done, the paper is done. My retarded, 4,500 word Cultural Studies paper is done.

Of course, it's not actually 4,500. Mine turned out to be something like 5,725. That's probably the farthest I've ever gone over a word limits in university. Well, at least it's done.

But man, this is a maze of an essay. That worries me a little bit, because the TA was very diligent in stressing the importance of clarity in writing. Well, toots, I ain't got time for that.

Check this gem of a (half of a) paragraph:

"Therefore, if the letrados served power through the manipulation of culture and language, their status remained unchanged through independence and they were able to continue in their role as organic intellectuals, not because of some change in their own action, but rather because independence did not represent a significant change in the nature of power and its relationship with culture. That the letrados continued to serve hegemony through revolutions and modernization represents a similar process to the one which occurred at independence. In their ability to manipulate culture to serve power, the letrados were adaptable to different manifestations of that power, provided they maintained their control over the legitimate culture of Latin America. In this capacity, through hundreds of years of history, the letrados maintained themselves as organic intellectuals, and as a result used culture to maintain power relations from the colonial era through to the modern era."

Ya, I'm proud of that.

Beyers & Stapleton lecturing on South Africa tonight. That should be too cool for school. Too bad it's at school, and done by profs.
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Time:01:45 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
I haven't updated this thing in, like, forever. It seems like I've been more preoccupied with living my life than writing about it, which I guess isn't such a bad thing.

Academics have been melting my brain. I don't even want to think about how much I have to do in the next week. Paper, take home exam, two econ assignments... and then only 2 more papers and three exams and I'm done done done. For this year.

Saw Billy Bragg the weekend before last, that was damn AMAZING. Probably the best show I've ever been to. I was expecting him to be with some band, but it was just ol' man Billy and his guitar. He played tons of his classics - hell, his encore was his entire first record. He high-fived Ben and I at the end of the show, now I can never wash my hands lest I lose the guitar mojo.

Got a dentist's appointment next Saturday, not looking forward to that.

The Mighty Moon Musicians' Collective is going awesomely, Ben and I along with Tom and Jeff have started a group called the Dirty Cop Choir, and this fellow Brodie is really excited to get a band to back him up. Ben sounds like a quintessential manager when he talks about it.

Ate some mushies yesterday, with Ben and Ian - 'twas Ian's first time, I think he enjoyed it. It was definitely an intense time, what with walking through a cemetary and almost getting run over repeatedly.
The random sling-shot chairs near the Art Gallery pissed Ben off, but me and Ian found them hilarious and couldn't figure out what they were made out of.

I always try to think of what I take out of my trips, and this one seems like it was all about how happy I am with Brittany... and she wasn't even there. Stranger and stranger.

Okay, enough for now. I've gotta get to my beloved's for some hot studying action. Oh yeah, baby!
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Time:01:22 am

Quiz. Mine. Do. Posthaste.
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[icon] Cynicism dressed up as realism presented as intellect
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